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Thai Milk Tea Mix

Thai milk tea mix is very easy to make. All you need to do is dilute it in hot water and you're all set.
Each country in south east Asia has their own version of milk tea, and Thailand is no different.
In Taiwan, there's bubble tea; but in Thailand, they are famous for their Thai iced tea. It is made from tea, sugar and milk, and can be served hot or cold. The most delicious way that people in the country prefer to drink is when it's iced cold!
Not only because it helps with heat, but it really just tastes that much better cold.
Authentic Thai tea mix includes 5 small sachets, which can make you 5 glasses of milk tea. The brand is trusted by Thai people for generations and is known by every Thai person and everyone else around the world. If you think of Thai milk tea, most of the time they use this brand to serve you the delicious tea.
Ways to consume: Hot & ColdTimes it takes: 1-2 minutesWeight: 100 g (20g x5)


Ingredients: Sugar (4.7%), Creamer (4.2%), Black Tea Powder Extract (0.51%), Whole Milk Powder (0.45%)

Contains: Dairy

How to prepare:
1. Put 1 sachet of the instant Thai tea into a cup of 200 ml hot water and stir.2. Enjoy!

Product of Thailand.

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