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Easy Tom Yum Kit

Tom Yum Kit, medium hot, is very easy to make. The kit includes dried spices and Tom Yum paste. The kit can make up to 4 servings and takes less than 10 minutes to cook.
Tom Yum is a hot and sour soup as "tom" means boiling and "yum" means spicy and sour salad.
The dish is usually cooked with shrimp or other types of seafood and in two different ways: one adds milk and one doesn't. It is recommended to add milk if boiling the broth with seafood, and to leave it clear when cooking with other kinds of meat.
Thai people have personal preferences when it comes to food. That is why all restaurants ensure they have side spices or allow people to request specific tastes. If you are cooking this dish, make sure to store some fish sauce, lime and sugar in your cupboards.
PS. When adding lime, make sure it's added at the end once the soup is placed in a serving bowl to avoid bitterness from lime being cooked too hot.
Times it takes: 7 minutesWeight: 88 gServing: 4Spicy level: Hot spicy


Ingredients (Paste) 90.9%: Lemongrass, Shallot, Refined Soybean Oil, Dried Chilli, Coconut Palm Sugar, Kaffir Lime Leaves, Fish Sauce, Tamarind, Galangal, Dried Shrimp
Ingredients (Dried Spices) 9.1%: Dried Chilli, Dried Lemongrass, Dried Galangal, Dried Kaffir Lime Leaves.

Fish, Shrimp, Soybean, CoconutNO PreservativesNO Artificial ColourNO Artificial FlavoursNO Monosodium Glutamate

Product of Thailand.

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